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ISO 10001:2018

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What is ISO 10001?

According to the current scenario with a tremendous amount of competition, customer satisfaction is the only key to step forward which helps the business to differentiate from the others and outshine. ISO 10001 Was developed for the following reason:

  • Quality Management: In any organisation, quality plays a very crucial role. No business can compromise on the quality aspect. ISO 10001 gives thorough guidelines to every business which keeps in mind the customer needs as well as the business standards. Every business needs to be ISO 10001 certified to have a strong quality management base.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers are regarded as the ‘King of the Market’. Keeping them satisfied and happy is one of the core works of any business. Due to the same reason IS0 10001 had been set up. It gives strong guidelines in the matters of customer satisfaction, effective customer communication, reducing customer complaints. Overall to give the customers a positive experience of the service.
  • Code of Conduct: ISO 10001 in its composition includes a proper code of conduct with examples (Annex A) and also gives some standard and specific instructions for smaller organisations (Annex C).
    ISO 10001 also properly states that there are no requirements stated and also it cannot be used for any contractual or certification purposes. ISO 10001 particularly applies to external customers and has given the flexibility to all the organisations to use it.

Why Choose Iso Maldives Ascent?

Ascentinspecta has a varied experience dealing will all sorts of industries starting from technology firms, goods and services business, financial companies, oil and gas companies, health care companies, telecommunications companies etc. The company has skilled labour who has extensive experience in providing quality services and helps in getting the companies IS0 10001 certified easily.

ISO Certification by Country

  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Chisinau – Moldova
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Antananarivo – Madagascar
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Rabat – Morocco
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Yaren – Nauru
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Wellington – New Zealand
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Abuja – Nigeria
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    oman – Muscat
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Manila – Philippines
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Doha – Qatar
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Kigali – Rwanda
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