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What is HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Is a system which is internationally recognized which significantly contributes to the reduction of risk of the safety hazards present in food. The HACCP system helps in identifying the potential hazards which are dangerous. At this point, they are controlled in the process. The hazards can be biological, physical, or chemical in nature. Companies which are a part of any manufacturing, processing, handling, distributing of food products have the availability to use HACCP to eliminate the various food hazards present inside.

The Principles of HACCP:

HACCP Is based on some very strong and effective principles, which are:

  1. Conducting a hazardous Analysis: This is the first step where the entire process is evaluated and the potential hazards are identified properly. The hazards can be chemical, physical (metal contamination), or even biological. An expert evaluation is needed to identify.
  2. Identification of the critical controls: In any process, there are various steps. The correct step needs to be analysed where these controls can be fit in properly to get rid of the hazards. Also, for each critical control points, a prevention method shall be ready.
  3. Establishing the critical limits: The next generally involves to build criteria for each critical control point. There can be various criteria such as minimum or maximum temperature, excess of regulatory limits etc.
  4. Monitoring Procedures: The entire process needs to be closely monitored and a record needs to be maintained to show the records which reflect the critical limits which have been met or not.

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ISO Certification by Country

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