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What is the UL Marking certification?

The UL Marking is a kind of a certification which is regarded as a very valuable tool used for marketing. The tool ensures that the product or the company has met all the requirements and guidelines successfully without any defaults and manipulations.

The basic guidelines for Marketing the UL Certifications:

The general guidelines are as follows:

  1. A company needs to make sure that any of the UL marks which is used in the various advertisements, promotions, packages shall be extremely consistent with the certificate which is provided by the UL to the company.
  2. A company should correctly indicate whether a product system or the process of the product is UL certified, listed and recognized.
  3. Advertising or promotion of the products which refers to the UL shall be extremely accurate and complete. There should be nothing left partially.
  4. The symbol of the UL and the words which are used to describe the UL certification must be legible and large enough for people to see it.
  5. If by any chance, the UL certification is withdrawn from the products, then all the references of the UL and the UL certification shall be removed from the advertising, promotional and packaging.
  6. The UL marks or the promotional badge which is provided can be used by the companies in marketing collateral, advertising, internal distribution, websites, news, social content, trade shows, point of sales etc.

Why should one choose Iso Maldives Ascent?

Iso Maldives Ascent is one of the leading companies which provides certification to its customers. The services provide by the company is of extreme quality and affordable prices. We have vast experience and expertise in providing services to the customers. We deal with companies of various genres such as technology, goods and service, communication, telecommunication etc.

ISO Certification by Country

  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Porto-Novo – Benin
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Sofia – Bulgaria
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Praia – Cabo Verde
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    N’Djamena – Chad
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Bogota – Colombia
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Zagreb – Croatia
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Prague – Czech Republic
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Roseau – Dominica
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Cairo – Egypt
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