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What is SASO Marking?

SASO Marking is a certificate of conformity which is required for exports to Saudi Arabia. For any export to be done to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there has been a conformity assessment program which has been implemented. This certificate of conformity is known as Saso. This certification is extremely important for the products to get an acceptance of clearance through the Saudi Customs.

Key Objectives for the Saso Certification:

Saudi Arabia’s conformity’s assessment program is particularly been built to cover each and every good which is exported for the welfare of the people of the country. It has a number of objectives such as:

1. Safety of Consumer: There are times when a wrong product gets exported or imported. A vigilant check is needed to ensure the safety of the consumers.

2. Public Health: There are a lot of products in the market which is harmful if used. To keep the health of public safeguarded it is important to check the products once.

3. Environment Protection: Currently, the era we are living in is the most harmful for the environment due to the depletion of resources and increase of global warming. Correct products should be used which do not harm the environment.

Saso has till date published an approximate of 20,500 standards and is actively seeking to promulgate new standards in the various development stages. Although it has shown great reluctance in recognizing the standards which have been developed by U.S SDOs which are known as the International standards

Why Iso Maldives Ascent?

Our team is extremely skilled and proficient with all the certifications and standards in both the domestic and international market. Our team of experts has been regularly helping the organizations to get these certifications in a very effective manner at extremely affordable prices.

ISO Certification by Country

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