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What is ISI Marking?

ISI Marking or ISI mark is known as an industrial park which is used for all the industrial products in India. This is a certification mark used for industrial products. This ISI mark confirms that the product conforms to the Indian standards which are mentioned on the mark. This has been developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the national standard body of India.

The IS mark is one of the most known and renowned certification marks in India. The ISI mark is extremely mandatory for a certain product which is to be sold in the Indian market such as various electrical appliances which cover switches cables, heaters, wires, kitchen appliances, LPG values, cylinders, automotive tires, cement etc. In case of other products which have not been mentioned it Is somewhat voluntary to put the ISI Mark and depends.

The Wrong Usage of the ISI Mark:

In India, it has been observed that it is highly common to find the products which have a fake ISI mark. With fake ISI mark, it is meant that the products are been affixed with the ISI mark without getting the official certificate for the same. Fake ISI marks do not carry the following things:

  1. The mandatory 7-digit licensed number which is required by the BIS
  2. The number which is placed at the top of the ISI mark which signifies the number of the Indian standard for that particular product.

This is regarded as a punishable offence and can be severely charged if caught.

Why Iso Maldives Ascent?

The team of Iso Maldives Ascent is extremely proficient with this domain. The skilled employees have been helping various organisations to get Certified. These experts have been providing standards and getting organizations equipped with these mandatory and important certifications.

ISO Certification by Country

  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Libreville – Gabon
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Saint George’s – Grenada
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Georgetown – Guyana
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Budapest – Hungary
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Jakarta – Indonesia
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Kingston – Jamaica
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Nur-Sultan – Kazakhstan
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Kuwait City – Kuwait
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Beirut – Lebanon
  • ISO Certification Consultants in
    Vaduz – Liechtenstein
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